Lip Blush Tattoo:

Lip blush is a cosmetic tattoo, which is designed to enhance your natural lip colour. Lip blush can add more definition, or add a more lipstick lip colour to make your mornings easier - this can be made as subtle and natural or bold as you may like! In celebration of this new treatment, these will be the introductory prices until November 2019.

First Appointment: $599 (3 hours
8 Week Touch Up: $150
3rd or addition appointments within 1-3 months:  $150 per session


Hair stroke brows: 

This is the most natural looking of each style, with individually placed strokes in perfect formation to provide you with a natural looking eyebrow. These hair strokes mimic your natural eyebrow hairs for a flattering look. 

Full hair stroke brows: $599 (plus $80 for 5-week brow touch up) 


















Combination brows:

My personal favourite! This technique is a combination of both individual hair strokes and the more solid powder brow shape. The brow is started soft and natural then blends into the solid sharp powder tail which gives it more of a make-up ready look, yet still gives you the option of filling in the front for a more dramatic appearance.

Full combination brows: $599 (plus $80 for 5-week brow touch up)

Ombre Brows:

This look is the most filled in and make-up looking of all 3 styles. A solid powder look covers the entire brow yet still stays soft at the beginning of the brow to avoid the harsh block shape popular with older cosmetic tattooing techniques. 

Full Ombre brows: $599 (plus $80 for 5-week brow touch up)











Brow Lamination:

The latest, in-demand brow treatment to hit the market! Similar to a lash lift/ perm but for your brows, this procedure is amazing for taming unruly brow hairs as it sets them in place so every hair lies in the same direction, giving you that 'just brushed' fluffy effect. It is not a tattoo. The treatment lasts roughly 4-8 weeks. Your 1-hour appointment includes a complimentary brow tint and wax. $89 every 4-8 weeks (no deposit needed). Address sent in confirmation email. 

Brow Lamination: $89 



Cover up old tattoo:

MUST be pre-approved prior to booking. Email clear photos of your brows with no makeup on to

Full cover-up: $659 (plus $100 for 5-week brow touch up)

Maintenance appointments:

Your brows will need to be maintained to keep them looking fresh and beautiful, however, in most cases, only an annual visit is required every 9-12 months. Any maintenance appointments made outside of this time frame (12 months) will be charged as full price. (see prices above).
Annual top up appointments - 6-8 Month $279  |   9-12 Month $359
Third or extra Sessions - $139 per session (within 6-8 weeks)

Terms & Conditions:

  • All payments are final are no refunds are given, including your non-refundable deposit. 
  • A no-show fee of $150 is required to rebook if you miss your initial appointment OR touch up appointment without prior arrangement. 
  • All skin heals and holds pigment differently, and I cannot guarantee how long your skin will hold the ink. A minimum of 2 sessions is required to see proper results. 
  • Initial Touch ups are within 4-8 weeks, anything outside of this time frame will be charged annual touch up prices. 
  • Mutual agreement to your template is final, and no changes can be made to this after the procedure.